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Children’s House


The Children’s House group has 24 children between 3 and 6 years old. Therefore, it includes three courses with 8 students of each year.

In this group the methodology is fully Montessori.

Puzzles d'esquelets d'animals

One day at Children’s House

Horari de Casa d'Infants

Every day, from early morning arrival until noon, children do their work cycle. During these three hours they can stop to have a snack if they need it. They can eat fruit, toast and similar food. Once the work cycle has finished, they clean the space and go outdoors for around an hour. At 1:00 pm they have lunch accompanied by their Guide and Assistant.

After lunch they have a short outdoors time and in the afternoon they do group activities that vary according to the day of the week: music, dance, sports, theater, plastic arts, etc. These activities last until school time finishes and they go home.

Render de l'aula de Casa d'Infants

Spaces and adults

The Children’s house classroom is a room of 85 m2 divided into different spaces: an area for the materials of each of the five learning areas (practical life, language, mathematics, sensorial and cultural), reading corner, dining area, toilet and a nice hallway with individual lockers to change shoes and put on or take off their outdoor clothing.

This classroom also has direct access to the outdoor area.

Two adults attend the Children's House Group: a catalan Montessori Guide and an english Assistant. Cub del binomi

Montessori Subirats - Casa de la Vinya