Montessori Subirats - Casa de la Vinya

Infant Community


The Infant Community group has 16 children between 15 months and 2.5 years. Therefore, it includes children born in two successive years.

The methodolgy in Beehive is a combination of Lóczy and Montessori.

Nena utilitzant bastidors a Comunitat

One day at Infant Community

Horari de Comunitat Infantil

Every day, arriving early in the morning until 11:30 am, children do their work cycle. Around 11:30 they clean up and go outdoors for an hour. At 12:30 they have lunch with their guide and assistant.

After lunch, there’s time for a nap. Children who doesn't need to sleep may go to play outdoors. At 14:30 the ones who are awaken come back to their classroom. The students who do short schedule go home at 15:30. The ones who remain combine work cycle afternoons with group activities afternooons like music, motricity and yoga. From 16:30 to 17:00 families come to take off their children (unless they make use of late care service). Sala de Comunitat

Spaces and adults

The Infant Community’s classroom is a 60 m2 space inside the large 100m2 room shared with Nido group. The two groups are divided by a low fence because of the different level of movement development between them (Nido’s babies laying down and Community’s infants walking around).

Two adults attend the Infant Community Group: one Montessori Guide and one Assistant.

The Infant Community space is divided as follows: learning areas zones (practical life, sensorial and language), reading corner, dining area, individual lockers to change shoes and put on or take off their outdoors clothing, and a washroom with sink, toilet and space for diaper changing on foot. There’s also direct access to the outside garden.