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The educational importance of meals

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Eating times are a fundamental milestone in the educational proposal of the school. Because of this, children eat inside the classroom, in a space reserved for this function and the adults that accompany them at these times are their all-day guides. We do not have an external dining service. Dining time is integrated into the school schedule and therefore all students are left to have lunch at school.

Children in Infant Community, Children’s House and Elementary have some food available in the classroom to prepare a snack of fruit or sandwich during the morning if they need it.

In snack and lunch time, we learn about personal hygiene, eating habits, preparation, use, and cleaning of tableware and behavior during meals. They are also a very important socialization moment in which the group relationship is favored.

Healthy and quality food

Health-related learning needs a healthy meal. That's why we have our own kitchen at the school and the design and monitoring of our menus are provided by the Biufood nutritionist team. This collaboration allows us to cook with high quality, proximity and partly ecological raw material.

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We adapt our meals to the children's palate, which is different from that of adults, and want to encourage the recognition of foods, their tastes and textures and their relationship with nature. Because of this, the plates are presented in a simple design, we avoid stews, fried foods and others highly elaborate dishes and we reduce the condiments to let the children taste the authentic flavors of what they eat. When the meal allows it (for example, in salads), we present different bowls with each ingredient in the middle of the table, so that each child can create their food combination and assimilate different tastes progressively.

At every meal, children eat the amount of food their body demands. They establish a positive relationship with nutrients and develop pleasure for the meal times. They too learn to listen to their body and serve themselves the quantity of food they will eat, reducing the food waste. We offer the babies' mothers to come to school to breastfeed whenever they need and/or give us breastmilk so we can feed it with bottle.