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Horaris i preus 2021-2022



Registration and material fees

Schooling fee

The schooling fee includes breakfast and lunch for every student and afternoon snack for children in Niu and Comunitat Infantil (0 to 2 years old).

Schedule 1 child 2 children 3 or more children
9 to 13h* 446€ 395€ 359€
9 to 15:30h** 569€ 501€ 455€
9 a 17h 676€ 595€ 538€

* Available to Niu children
** Available to Niu and Comunitat Infantil children

Extended care services

Daily Fixed Sporadic
Early care (8 to 9h) 60€/month 5€/day 6,5€/day
Late care (17 a 18h) 60€/month 5€/day 6,5€/day

Note: All prices apply for course 2022-2023. This prices will be inflation adjusted every new session. Prices for new students for course 2023-2024 and beyond may be higher than current ones.

Montessori Subirats - Casa de la Vinya