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The Nido group consists of 8 babies aged 6 to 15 months approximately. The methodology applied in this group is fundamentally Piklerian.

Sala de Niu

In Nido, the main objective of the school is to offer a space where children can grow, develop and learn in a harmonious way. To make this possible, we base our educational action on:

Sala de Niu

Flexible hours and BFF (Breastfeeding friendly)

In Nido group the coordination between home and school is essential to offer a clam and continuous everyday life, avoiding abrupt changes. To achieve this objective we offer schedule flexibility and personalized feeding to the families:

One day at Niu

Horari de Niu

Nido's schedule is just indicative. Between 6 and 15 months the babies' activity-feeding-sleeping cycles have different lengths depending on the child and change frequently as weeks go by. For this reason, actually each child does his own schedule and the school adapts to it.

From the arrival in the early morning until 12 noon, babies have time for their autonomous activity in the living room and outside. Their habitual activity consists in developing their motricity and object exploration and manipulation. During these hours they eat and sleep according to their needs. Some take a bottle and/or a nap during the morning, while others don't need it.

Between 11:30 and 12:00 they begin, in turns, to have lunch. Those who need it eat in the skirt one at a time and, as they grow and are ready, they begin to eat on the small table. First individually and eventually in couples or small groups. As the caring while eating is individualized they all don't eat at the same time. When they finish the meal, or after a while, they have time to take a nap. The time to go to and the duration of the nap depends on each child, but the approximate rest time goes from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

When they wake up, they have a little time for autonomous activity until it's time to go home.

Sala de Niu

Spaces and adults

The Niu room is 40 m2 space inside the large 100 m2 room shared with Infant Community group. The two groups are divided by a low fence because of the different level of movement development between them (Nido’s babies laying down and Community’s infants walking around).

Two adults attend the Nido Group and the same people are always those with babies, so they can establish a stable, trustworthy link.

The Niu room is divided into four main areas: hygiene area with Pikler changing table and sink, rest area, and ​​activity area. In the last there are dining, movement and play spaces. There’s also direct access to an exclusive outdoors zone, only accessible by Nido babies.