Montessori Subirats - Casa de la Vinya


Montessori Subirats is a school based on Maria Montessori’s Scientific Pedagogy. Therefore it offers a comprehensive education that fosters the free initiative of children and young people within a framework of coexistence. This framework of coexistence involves limits that guarantee inclusive education and coeducation. Our pedagogical system respects the pace of development of each student in order to attend to the diversity of children in a natural way.

Material Monuments

In addition, Montessori Subirats is a secular school that does not promote adhesion to any confession. The school promotes a value structure ​​that fosters independent, critical, and rational decision-making.

Montessori Subirats opens to the educational community, and has special attention to the relationship with families. Education is a shared task and communication between different agents is essential to make it successful.

It is a school integrated in its social environment that participates in the activities of the municipality and the region and promotes cultural and sport activities that take place outside the school environment.

It is also an innovative school both in terms of the educational project and methodology, which, while maintaining the principles of the Maria Montessori Scientific Pedagogy, adapts to our historical and social context in order to offer a high quality educational proposal.

It is a catalan school with international orientation. Catalan and English are the educational ​​and institutional communication languages. Students learn these two languages, as well as Spanish, naturally and master them along elementary.

Our educational project promotes respect for nature and ecological balance of the planet.

It is a democratic school in which fundamental values ​​and respect for human rights such as democracy, respect for difference, tolerance, solidarity, justice, peace, peaceful resolution of conflicts and cooperation are promoted and enhanced.

Finally, it is a cozy and homey school. The reduced number of students (8 of each age), the close attitude of the teaching team, and the distribution and environment adjustment of the spaces guarantee this.